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What is green Chemistry...

Green chemistry is driven by innovation and purposeful design. Technologies reducing the presence of hazardous substances in our environment are evolving quickly and are  benefiting entire communities. A major impact of green chemistry and green engineering on emerging nations is still elusive, despite the motivation and indisputable need. To accelerate change, the awareness raising and support of local capacities is key.

12 Principles.png

The 12 principles of green chemistry are very powerful guidelines.

Guidelines for the prevention of exposure to hazardous substances, substances like persistent organic pollutants (POPs) or mercury.

To protect humans and the environment it will take a great effort, an effort only achievable through innovation, creation and capacity building.

We will build a global green chemistry network: different areas of research and different countries, encompassing one goal - global sustainability.

Starting off in 2022, we will set up the network, start with accelerator events in 6 different countries, help to implement new sustainable technologies and form an integral part of the GC&E community by 2027.


Get involved!

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