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What is the Global Greenchem Innovation and Network Program?

This program, this initiative has ambitious goals, goals that are crucial for us, our environment and our future. The goal is to interconnect the global green chemistry and engineering community, actively engage the community in research and education at all levels, and focus on knowledge generation and local technology acceleration in industries of emerging nations.

Foster Green Innovation & Design

Green chemistry is driven by innovation and purposeful design. Technologies reducing the presence of hazardous substances in our environment are evolving quickly and are  benefiting entire communities. A major impact of green chemistry and green engineering on emerging nations is still elusive, despite the motivation and indisputable need. To accelerate change, the awareness raising and support of local capacities is key.


One Goal - Global Sustainability

This program is a GEF-funded six year joint endeavor between Yale University, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and six emerging nations: Indonesia, Jordan, Peru, Serbia, Uganda and Ukraine; local National Cleaner Production Centers (NCPCs) from these countries will play a key role in the initiative. Three fundamental components seek to enable the generation of green chemistry capacities, the support of innovation, the development of new inventions and the scale-up of promising technologies:

• Generation of an interconnected web-based global green chemistry network tool;

• Execution of green chemistry accelerator programs in different countries, focusing on the participants Jordan, Indonesia, Peru, Serbia, Uganda, and Ukraine;

• Development and support of projects reducing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) or mercury in industry.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Connect, Communicate, Create

The global network will connect individuals and collectives, forming a platform to communicate: scientists, entrepreneurs and governmental representatives, any stakeholder from industry, academia and non-governmental organizations with the desire to create.
Create a communication ecosystem for information exchange, education, training and support of green innovation and purposeful design, for an enduring connection between:

• Entrepreneurs seeking mentors and investors for new and disruptive technologies;

• Investors looking for sustainable technologies for their portfolio;

• Green chemistry & green engineering experts and novices interested in networks and idea exchange;

• Representatives from academia searching for trends and training in green chemistry;
• Educators looking for a platform to distribute and further develop education material;

• Technical experts and mentors wishing to contribute to the growing knowledge of sustainable technologies;

• Chemists, engineers and all scientists developing sustainable ideas and looking for inspiration.


Green Chemistry

The accelerator program will bring people together: six (6) multi-year events will enable startups and small companies from emerging nations to participate in trainings on green chemistry and green business, capitalizing on a global network of key people and game changers. We seek promising green technologies, up-and-coming innovators and interesting entrepreneurs. The development and implementation of strong national innovation capacities in emerging nations will accelerate promising business models.

Change Industry


This initiative will focus on projects attacking sustainability challenges from local industries including PVC, electronics, textiles, foams and cellulose: 

• Alternatives to hazardous chemicals, persistant organic pollutants (POPs) and heavy metals like mercury; 

• New materials fighting ocean pollution and the effects of microplastics;

• Bio-based products reducing landfill waste and non-renewables dependence;

• Methods for the reduction of carbon emissions fostering climate change mitigation;


• Key technologies necessary to abandon petroleum dependance.


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